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Introducing our latest product Reeel.ai

An AI-powered platform to find influencers and collaborate with them

Pleeeese, stop wasting your time on tasks AI can handle, no more influencer guesswork, no more hours of searching

Just start a campaign on Reeel.ai to find your influencers and to invite them to collaborate.


Leaders in Canada & GCC

Throughout the past 4 years, we’ve spoken in events, on TV, Radio, and podcasts. We’ve learned that we love to inspire! We love to lead! We love to change!


Your Partner To Establishment

Here’s what truly makes us shine: we’re matchmakers extraordinaire! We’re all about finding the perfect influencers who not only align with your brand but also have that irresistible charm and authenticity. We create partnerships that feel like a natural fit, driving engagement and maximizing your brand’s impact.

Our Services

Influencer Matching

Our Influencer Matching service employs a detailed 360-degree analysis to accurately pair your brand with the right influencers, ensuring relevance and authenticity in your marketing campaigns

Campaign Managment

We will handle every aspect of your influencer campaigns, from strategy development to execution. Sit back and watch as we coordinate content creation, scheduling, and tracking to ensure seamless and successful campaigns

AI-Powered Platform

Reeel.ai is your next-generation platform for finding and collaborating with creators. Streamline the discovery process with our advanced AI-driven tools, and foster meaningful, productive partnerships effortlessly

Top Clients



Kout Food Group


GTA Qatar


ESDC Canada

Qatar Tourism

The Digital Tree

Trampo Extreme

Yellow Submarine

Frame Qatar

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I make sure the influencer I partner with will meet expectation?

A one-minute animated video can roughly take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. Factors such as video length and number of characters may impact delivery timeline

Can I provide contact the influencer directly?

Absolutely! However, consulting with our team to provide the best audio quality and selection is advisable. Everything can be customized to satisfy your every need!

What happens if the influencer was late on campaign submission?

We offer memberships that provide discounts of up to 15%. To learn more about our prices, please check our cost calculator tool.

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