About Animation

Who are we?

REEEEL is a Canadian animation studio that has international offices founded in 2018. We specialize in motion graphics and Frame by Frame animations. Our expert team specializes in communicating our customers’ ideas and stories in an attractive, engaging, and captivating animated medium.

We take your ideas and present them to your audience accurately and creatively.

So, what can you do for me?


It is simple, you have an idea, we have a professional team to bring it life.

Do you want to advertise your brand?

Do you want to tell a story?

Do you want to spread your image?

Describe your ideas, aspirations, and visions, and leave the rest to us. REEEEL animation’s team handles the back end processes of character design, script writing, music production, voice-over, and animating. With REEEL Animation…

it can come true!

Why should I use animation and not live action?


Firstly, of all, animation has a lot more head room for creativity than live action. Animation can be colorful, abstract, and flamboyant.

Secondly, If animation wasn’t attractive, YouTube’s most subscribed channels would not be animation channels! Animation can describe more complex ideas more effectively.

Furthermore, Plus, animation is more budget friendly! Market research shows that animations are more attractive and engaging to audiences. Many animation styles can be a new and refreshing take on advertising.

Furthermore, Live action videos are more costly, take longer, and are last-gen. it is unrealistic to spread a modern brand or vision using the same old methods of advertising and storytelling.


Great! But, why should I choose you?


Our team has the experience to enable you to express your image and ideas in ways that engage and attract your audience. We work hard to understand the nuances of your ideas to provide accuracy in your brand’s image communication.

To us, punctuality, quality, and transparency are critical. The emphasis on your satisfaction is our pride. The great production quality paired with our affordability has been the reason for our quick growth in the Qatari market. Your wishes, our duty.


But, I don’t know anything about animation or advertising!


No worries, feel free to contact us. We are delighted to explain everything you would like to know to help you make the right choice. You can customize anything to your liking. Want funky music? Funny characters? Colorful and cartoonish animation? We can provide. It is your vision after all!