Importance of Online Brand Awareness During Lockdown

June 5, 2021

Brand awareness implies the degree of customer recognition of a product or service. According to a 2013 study, brands with a higher degree of brand awareness scored higher in customer loyalty and customer product value perception. Customers were 55% more likely to pay more for a product they recognized. During lockdown, the online shift of most businesses led to an online shift of customer purchasing tendencies. Since online marketing has become very available currently, this can be the golden ticket for many businesses to start building their brand awareness through smart advertising. Taking the opportunity to build brand awareness now, can be a great resource to improve financial performance after lockdown measures have been alleviated.


Analyzing the research reveals that customers were less likely to buy products from brands they didn’t recognize or had a small online presence. This highlights the importance of building a brand awareness infrastructure to make a brand more trustable and recognizable. Simple things that may go unnoticed like the logo design, product colors, design choices, and the motto were the most important factors that customers found recognizable, according to two studies in 2011 and 2009. The logo was the most important factor that influenced the customer’s choices and perceptions. Moreover, customers rated brands that had more engaging advertising methods higher and found them more recognizable than brands that advertised using banner text only. At REEEEL we offer an engaging and attractive method of advertising through animation that will help increase brand awareness. Research found that animated advertising intrigues customers, leading them to see your logo and your brand, which makes it more recognizable.