Ready To Make an Impact?

If you form a strategy without research, your brand will barely floatRyan Holmes

Our Story

We are a group of digital marketers who have a dream of helping clients make their mark in the digital world. Located in both North America and the Gulf, we strive to represent businesses from all over the world and help them make an impact, our mission is to deliver their brand loud and clear.


However, with that being said, our biggest mission is to ensure that reeeel and our clients stay green while making an impact. By keeping the environment in mind, we are able to minimize our carbon footprint and stay sustainable. Just because we are leaving a mark in the digital world, doesn’t mean that we have to leave one on our planet!


Now more than ever, digital marketers are needed to help secure a businesses place online.The majority of people are not only online but are conducting their services, purchasing products and even more, all online. Shopping online has especially grown in popularity in the last year. We want to help you supply your customers with amazing service with just one touch of a button!

Our Mission

Reeeel’s mission is to provide outstanding digital marketing services for clients. At reeeel, marketing strategies are targeted at growing and enhancing a company’s brand and reach online. This is done by creating strong, high quality, high value content, with constant visibility and engagement to better prove expertise in the industry. We aim to convert the online audience into clients and advocates for the company.

Our Values

Planting a seed for green companies
Prosperity, innovation, and growth
Delivering a reeeel marketing experience loud and clear.
Challenging the status quo

Our Goals

At reeeel, our goal is to identify the client’s reeeel message, their reeeel purpose, and their reeeel mission in order to broadcast it loud and clear for all to hear and see. We strive to help our clients dominate in their field and gain not only one time clientele, but lifetime clientele. Our priority is to turn online followers into real customers that won’t just purchase products and services, but will also rave about it to all their friends, family and communities! At the end of the day, whilst not every follower is a client, or is ready to purchase the product or service, every follower and every person who comes across your digital presence will know someone who does.


It’s also important to note that at reeeel, our priority is not only our clients, but also the environment. Which is why we are proud to lay claim to being a green company! We strive to work with green, eco friendly companies who are looking to make an impact, whether it’s through their products or how they complete their services. By working with green companies, and staying sustainable ourselves, we are striving to be known as a green business. One of our main priorities is to help businesses like us rise in their field.

The 4 E’s of Marketing


the offer of one thing in return for something else.

Every Place

Omnichannel, to be present everywhere, on all platforms and devices both online and offline.


To focus on all aspects of the customer experience when interacting with our business/products.


Word of mouth + social networking!!

Reeeel Team

Heba Ali

CEO, Cofounder, Consultant

Aya Zeidan

Account manager


Graphic Designer

Harriet Smith

Content Writer

Abdul Al Jandali

Account manager

Mohammed Al Jandali

Sales representative

Boost Benefits


Timing is key

2020 is clearly the time of the digital age. Given the ease with which anyone can be online, having the proper support is crucial to get ahead and sit in the front row seats.


Outreach & Exposure

The right language needs to be carefully studied. More importantly, having the right team to study and analyze your every move, is key for optimization. 

Digital advancements

We help businesses and influencers build digital systems for scalability and automation. Nothing we provide, we haven’t tested or accomplished.



We have above industry standard reporting and communication is key for our workflow. We believe in education and supporting our clients every step of the way.


Getting the job done

We employ a wide range of tools and work with some of the greatest talent in Qatar. Hiring Boost for your digital, PR and influencer goals will not go unnoticed.

Tailored and exclusive.

Every solution will be tailor fit for your need and our planning accomodates your desired goals. We conduct business with care.