Is Rotten Tomatoes Reliable Anymore?

June 30, 2021

What is Rotten Tomatoes?


A Ripe Plump tomato:


Rotten Tomatoes is an American movie review site started in 1998. It was originally made to access movie reviews from critics. In the old days, it wasn’t very popular. It was masked by more well know websites like and

However, in 2010, the website added the feature to include audience ratings and reviews. Since then, Rotten Tomatoes became an online go-to when searching for movie reviews. The simple truth is, most movie lovers want to hear what other people have to say.

The Rot:

The credibility of movie critics is at all-time low and their views are often questionable and do not mirror the views of most movie lovers. Here is where the problems start. Is Rotten Tomatoes good anymore? Or is the problem within Hollywood movie culture itself?


How Does Rotten Tomatoes Work?


Squeezing Through:


The movie rating is viewed through 2 scores. One reflects the average for movie critics, and the other reflects the average movie watcher rating. Usually they are close enough; sometimes there are small differences, “understandable, have a nice day”. Where is the problem, then?


Well, due to the new “woke” movement in Hollywood, many users started seeing a huge discrepancy between the Rotten Tomatoes critic score and the user score. Movies like the new ” Ghostbusters “, was objectively bad in the view of most users; nonetheless, the critic score was very high. This sparked outrage and controversy in the community.


The movie wasn’t good, but had a score that matched ” Interstellar “, a fan favorite. What?


Welcome to the American Hollywood woke movement. It didn’t matter how bad the movies were, if they were marketed as supportive to the black community or pro-feminism, they got high ratings. Here is when the distrust in critic reviews became apparent.


Is It Over for Rotten Tomatoes?


Mashed Tomatoes:


After many other incidents with the same results, the aftermath is a complete distrust in critic reviews. Users now prefer to go to Reddit ( r/movies ), YouTube comments, or Netflix to see movie reviews, rather than follow critic advice. The beauty of movie watching is discussing your views and opinions. The fun of conversing about a movie you love is what built these communities.


Long gone are the times where we read what a movie critic says to rate a movie. Movies watching is a subjective experience, we each have our own opinions, and they matter.


Tomato Juice:


Producing a good movie requires understanding what the audience wants, not what a few critics deem fit. Although animation movies are not part of the controversy yet, sometime in the future, bad animation movies will be marketed as ” Woke “, and then animated movies will lose their innocence. As movie lovers, we pay with our wallets, if you think a movie is not good, do not watch it. Do not let sites that support deception lead the way!


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