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Motion Graphics 


  • Animated text (Kinetic Typography)
  • Animated elements such as graphs and figures
  • Voice over and sound effects to enhance message communication
  • Fluid transitions between ideas to facilitate easier understanding
  • Eye catching, engaging, and educational
  • More suitable for shorter informercials and advertisements

Frame by Frame 


  • Animated characters that relate to your audience
  • A wide array of animation styles that suit many goals and visions
  • More suitable to tell a story than other animation styles
  • More audience engagement due to relatability with characters
  • Voice over is used to bring characters to life
  • More fluid and colorful than 3D animation
  • More suitable for longer advertisements and story telling

Our Products

Infographic Motion

$630/ 30 seconds

$450/ 30 seconds

Formal Instructive

$970/ 30 seconds

$700/ 30 seconds

Motion Graphics

$1,250/ 30 seconds

$900/ 30 seconds

Most Popular

Frame By Frame

$2,000/ 30 seconds

$1,450/ 30 seconds

Cinematic 2D

$2,420/ 30 seconds

$1,750/ 30 seconds

Our Clients


Dhareeba Tax Portal

Yellow Submarine

Trampo Extreme


General Tax Authority


Qatar Tourism

Kout Food Group


Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

The Digital Tree

Lu & Blu



Frame Communications