REEEEL Animation

Our Story

2015, Humble beginnings, large goals. “Twinkle and shimmer my little dream; how far away you often seem.” Those were my thoughts after moving to Canada to study media. Studying media and being emersed in its complexity, revealed the influencing power of media. I have always pondered about what makes media so powerful as a tool to communicate and learn.

A love for Audiovisuals


The audiovisual aspect always mesmerized me. Animation has been a focus of mine while trying to understanding the art of media.

A moving text with some colors seemed to attract so much attention. A drawn character can convey so many emotions. A brand can be advertised so much more effectively when animation is used masterfully.

Our brains are hooked once we see motion. Motion shapes our minds and perception. Reading and learning the art of animation has led to my dream of having my own animation studio.

Having my knowledge used to help others see their ideas jumping Infront of them using the art of animation was a very exciting proposition to me.

All the effort was worth it.


Working hard in cafés and restaurants in Canada as a student was never easy; nonetheless, saving the money I needed to achieve my dream was well worth it.

After 2 years of sweat and tears, I hired my first animator in my little company, “REEEEL”. Reaching to clients as a new company was difficult, but providing our services and having the customers’ satisfaction was gratifying.

The gratification always stayed with me through the rough days. Creatively working with my small team to find ways to satisfy our customers with new ideas and styles.

Our customers’ satisfaction is the reason for our success. A company built to understand and provide to the customer’s needs.

Moving to Qatar…


After moving to Qatar in 2018, we made a promise among the team members: No non-satisfied customers allowed. We will revise and edit infinitely, until our customers’ needs are met.

That is what set us apart. Our perseverance to keep providing to the customer, no matter how hard it was, how long it took, or how complicated. At one point, we started considering customers as team members.

It is their product. Their ideas, thoughts, visions, and dreams. As our company grew, so did our standards. We take pride in knowing that we never had a customer that complained.

Expect only the best!


Starting a company from the ground up will always be a challenge, but the instant gratification of a satisfied customer is nothing less than heavenly. We were built from the ground up to provide the most professional service you can imagine. At REEEEL, you expect the best, but we provide excellence. This is our story, welcome to our team.