Reeeel Animation’s Secret Sauce

September 17, 2021

Reeeel Animation has seen successes that far surpass most of its competitors in this crowded field of animation studios. Reeeel Animation has won the “Akhlquna” award in Qatar. We have been featured on numerous media outlets and in many interviews. We are also working with the Canadian government, universities, and charities to provide the best animation services out there. Our success was planned and executed carefully.

Reeeel’s Secret Sauce


Many factors have contributed to our growth and many can be hard to pinpoint. However, one factor is the most impactful and is what sets us apart: “Communication and idea sharing”. This factor is what most of our clients praise. Sharing Ideas is always the first step in our animation creation process. We are proud to see clients appreciate our communication and openness in business conversations. We believe that sharing ideas is the best way to help ourselves and our clients improve and grow together.

This Blog will highlight why we believe in sharing ideas, the benefits of open communication with our clients, and how idea sharing and conversing helped us improve.

Benefits of sharing ideas

1. Building Trusting and Healthy Relationships:


Any animation is supposed to be the client’s vision of what should represent them. Clients usually have an idea in their mind that they want animated. They want to see their vision in motion, their ideas talking, their brand expressed. To accurately depict these ideas, we must understand exactly how the customer envisions it.

We encourage our customers to describe and speak as long as they prefer. We jot down every word and expression. Every minute detail is paramount.  We inform our clients of our work culture of honesty, criticism, and trust. Our clients are never shy or reluctant in voicing their ideas or concerns. We follow the simple idea of: “Your ideas, your animation”. No customer is left unsatisfied.

Building this relationship of trust and honesty helps evaporate some of the tension that usually arises during business meetings. We don’t break the ice, we smash it. We enjoy the company of our clients. They are our growing bank of inspiration. We seek to form long-lasting healthy relationships with our clients to make them feel at home working with us. Our relationship resembles a team!

2. Learning and Improving from Client Inquiries


Our customers are very often encouraged to voice their concerns and complaints. Many customers have complained that animation costs are very often obscure and unclear. The internal calculation can often seem shady and unfair. Clients have often complained that they would like to understand how the animation costs are calculated.

In the spirit of honesty and transparency we added an animation cost calculator here. Customer inquiries have helped us grow and improve to make animation creation a more convenient and enjoyable process.

We appreciate that customers trust us enough to come to us with their complaints; confident that we will improve and that their voices will be heard. We are thankful to every customer who has helped us be who we are today.

3. Improving Customer Understanding of Animation and Marketing


Working internationally as an animation studio has opened our eyes to what usually works and what doesn’t. The collective experience of our team is a gold mine that we often strip to benefit our clients. We seek to inform our clients of what often works to help them achieve their goals.

Customers often come with a lackluster background in marketing and animation. Many come with no ideas or visions. Many do not understand what the market requires. Answering these concerns and addressing them is our priority in sharing ideas. A customer has the right to fully understand the industry to be able to make informed decisions that they are satisfied with.

Many clients were often confused about the types of 2D animation and where the difference in cost stems from. In response we provided an article that seeks to educate clients about the basics of 2D animation here. A knowledgeable customer is a confident customer. Confident customers understand what they want, and how they want it.

4. Pinpointing Client Misunderstandings in Animation and Marketing


Client misunderstandings of animation and the animation process clearly highlight the unrealistic view of what can be done and how fast it can be done. We face these misunderstandings daily in our client conversations. Clients are often shocked when most concepts are corrected by our team.

Many customers hugely underestimate how much time a minute of animation can take. Most customers do not understand the difference between types of animation. Many customers underestimate the time taken to produce quality voice-over and music. Many customers often misunderstand how important good music is for the success of an animation video. Many customers underestimate the costs associated with hiring a professional voice artist and musicians.

Misunderstanding contributes to making a wrong decision that might harm the client’s business. These misunderstandings often stem from a lack of information or research. In our commitment to providing the best services, we provided informational content here to help our customers better understand the animation process

5. Understanding Market Preferences and Culture


Conversing with clients gives us a glimpse into their preferences. After dealing with thousands of clients, the patterns of preferences and advertising become clear.

Understanding what the market wants helps us provide services that better suits the clients needs. Arabic calligraphy in Arabic advertisements pushed us to learn and better understanding the art of Arabic calligraphy to excel in the eyes of clients who chose us.

Whenever a customer requests something out of our comfort zone, we push to improve and learn. Soon enough, we would have understood everything the market asks for.

Understanding market tendencies and culture is essential to provide culturally appropriate animation to the target demographic of the clients. Our market specialists have accumulated years of experience in many regions to be able to provide premium consultation to our clients regarding animation design choices.

Working internationally has been a great motivator for us to hire employees from all regions. Providing multiculturally inclusive services helps us satisfy customers with animations that resonate with their audience.


How we Improved…


  1. We Added estimated animation cost calculator to our website. You can find it here!
  2. We created brochures and content that clarifies the animation process to our clients here!
  3. We structured our sales presentations to explain common misunderstandings and rectify them for our clients.
  4. We widened our scope of animation and music services to suit many different cultures and regions.


If you would like to create your character and start animating your brand, Reeeel Animation is a very experienced company in animation advertising! We handle everything from character creation to animation and advertising. We have been working with the Canadian government for 4 years. Our animation studio was awarded for best animation in 2021 in Qatar. If you would like to know more about us, you can visit this link.

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