Our Services

Influence Assessment &
Account Analysis

“If you form a strategy without
research, your brand will barely float”
– Ryan Holmes

With a background in research and
business analysis, we are pleased to
introduce our clients and partners the
following services, per request:

Influence Assesment

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Every business is in need to re-assess their progress every once in a while. We provide assessment services to clients and partners that have been in the market for 1+ year. Our experts work as external evaluators for your business. They assess and evaluate service flow, work cohesion, develop consumer centered research, and much more. To help you better understand your consumers and stimulate service enhancement. Every assessment is concluded with a set of recommendations to boost your influence in the market.

Account Analysis

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Our team of experts realize the amount of influence digital marketing has on local businesses, and the effect it has on consumers across Qatar. We carefully select all partners by analyzing their social media presence. If you are a social media influencer or a business looking to understand your engagement and consumer segment, this service is for you!