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Social Media and Paid Ads Marketing

By using social media and paid ads marketing, we are able to build a strong, consistent, high value brand. This is done by researching and compiling a holistic digital marketing plan and strategies. This research allows us to build brand target marketing, the target journey, and the steps to raise awareness and optimistic exposure. By doing so, and by establishing a strong presence online, we are able to establish a strong presence for your brand as a leader within its industry! We want to help you become an expert… and  influencer within the industry; by increasing your reach, awareness, and traffic, all to drive up business opportunity and sales. At the end of the day, if a brand looks more present, professional and experienced, that is the brand that will gain the opportunity and advantage of convincing an opportunity into becoming a lead into a consumer.

To make this possible, we utilize both social media and paid ads. Together they support one another, as one cannot succeed without the aid of the other. They depend on one another because of the exponential decrease in organic reach, which has become a result of the large numbers of content shared online everyday. As a result, less than 15% of existing followers view published content on social media platforms. These large numbers are forcing brands and companies to compete for their established online brands, using paid ads to reach and awareness. That’s why we want to help you dominate the market and rise to the front of the pack. Our packages allow you to widen your reach and rise above the competition. 

The main point we want to focus on is your clients and customers. If they are interested and loyal to your brand, then they are a customer that you can count on. We want your customers obsessed. Meaning that we want them to guide your thought process, keeping your customers in mind every step of the way.

Starting with Reel – OUR PROCESS


Once you reach us out to reveal your opportunities, a strategic consultant will be in touch with you within 24 hours to book an assessment meeting. Congratulations! you’ve just taken the first step towards planting 100 trees! & empowering your brand.


Your call with our consultant will give you the opportunity to share your needs while we get to know you better. We’d like to learn more about your content needs; whether you are just starting up or have been around but not ranking on the top search engines. Oh and at this stage, you’ll be 50% closer to planting 100 trees!


Hey! by this stage, we are partners! You should expect an onboarding call to get the ball rolling. And rest assured, our workflow is entirely electronic. Bye bye paper, hello trees! Speaking of trees, you’ve helped us plant 100 more. Thank you! You’ll get a certificate to hang on that office wall.


On the onboarding call, our marketing strategist will work with you to create the strategic direction you’d like for social posts published for your business.


Our writers will create engaging content based on the guidelines you set. Once the posts are drafted, a copy of the content, links, and images from each post will be emailed to you for approval.


If a post does not satisfy you, we will gladly replace the wording, the image, or the entire post as requested. You are also more than welcome to make the edits as you see fit on our social posting platform included, and we will post it accordingly.

Let’s Get Started

Additional Services – A La Carte

Blog Writing – $70 USD Per Blog

Reputation Management Tool

Social Media specific video posts – $180 USD per video

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  • Includes research, content, script, and video editing
  • ER – AN / AR-EN captions/transitions

Photography / Videography

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  • Capture and build the brands image through the portrayal of services / products provided to match and portray the brand

Marketing consulting and plan building

Branding / Rebranding

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  • Option to refresh and reinvent the existing brand for a fresh new look